Helping you scout
& develop talent

Helping you scout
& develop talent

Compare every amateur player in the world
against your signed players

Compare every amateur player in the world
against your signed players



Analyse your current players ability

In-app Ai benchmark scores for athletic, technical, cognitive & psychometrics are taken from current signed players. This allows periodic monitoring of signed players and a benchmark for external players.


No need to send scouts out for hours to look for players. Use AiSCOUT to tell the World you are looking for Players.

Use technology analyse and filter

Based on your requirements & benchmarked scores of current signed players, the technology will score, rate and pre-filter external players to identify players who rate better than current signed players.

Player development

Many ways to engage current signed players and players you want to monitor.

Learning from the best

In 2018, the management team had received a number of offers from Premier League clubs to assist with the development of the AiSCOUT platform. The Chelsea FC Academy was chosen for many reasons. Soon after the initial development, we added Burnley FC to the MVP testing process. The access and expert knowledge provided has been second to none. 

With the assistance of these clubs, AiSCOUT has developed a platform that has been recognised by the governing body of football - FIFA, won a World Football Summit award for innovation, and has been shortlisted for many more, but most importantly of all – we have proved that you can find amateur players with data.


12500 Amateur players analysed
125 Countries
45 Players trialled or signed for professional clubs and selected for national squads

Our services and who we support

Developed to support professional football clubs and additional footballing organisations to analyse & development amateur talent.

Professional Clubs

The AiSCOUT platform is built to support your current amateur player, engagement, recruitment, scouting, development and release programs. Allowing you to expand your reach and collect detailed data on amateur players all over the world without the need for additional personnel.

Built to support, enhance and integrate with current professional scouting processes, or create a stand-alone structure for the smaller clubs.

All you need is a mobile phone.

National Squads, FA’s & Federations

Players all over the world are eligible to play for your country but do not know it. Our platform has the ability to link your national squads with players who are eligible to represent your country. 3 Players on the platform have been selected for national squads, 2 players were selected from 4000 miles away and 1 player was selected to represent his country in World Cup qualifiers. Run your national squad trials on the app and see who you find.


Millions of players give up football as they don’t make it through the professional system, or they choose education. Your university could benefit from these types of players whilst providing an amazing education.

Our platform is set up to provide players many different opportunities that suit their requirements. Not every player wants to go directly into the professional game. Your university now has the ability to offer your opportunities to any player in the world.

Private & Educational

Your players are the hungry players that want to make it. Our platform can provide the link to opportunities with professional clubs, universities and further education. This type of marketable opportunity will help you to secure a steady stream of players joining your academy over the next. 

With access to the full platform, you can use technology to analyse, develop players and refer players.


Feedback from the best in the industry


Fully connected and automated platform to streamline amateur player analysis & development.

The Control Centre

All signed player & public player data from the virtual drills, trials, game footage and external data all in one accessible platform. 

Fully automated, analysed, immediately actionable and meaningful insights.

The control centre is the hub of the platform. Connecting player data, scouts & coaches, recruitment, sports science and commercial, for the purpose of talent analysis & development.

The Scout App

The scout app provides quick and searchable access to analysed amateur data, allowing the scout to find exactly the type of player they require. 

Scout efficiency is also key. Voice activated report logging, virtual scouting, personal digital player invites and much more.

The player app

Accessible all over the world and on any device. Players can enter your club trials or opportunities by uploading videos that have been benchmarked against your academy players. Each video is analysed and rated by the artificial intelligence. The player is scored, rated, provided feedback & coaching.

The player app is a one-stop shop for a player to generate and store any footballing data they can produce. This includes video highlights, playing history and body measurements, technical & physical ability and much more.

The performance lab

Due to be completed Q1 2022, the AiSCOUT player performance lab is the next generation in player analysis.

State-of-the-art technology housed in a purpose-built mobile performance lab, set up to complete traditional testing or the testing of the future.

Will travel to your training facility & stadium to support public events, academy squads of all ages, and the 1st team.

Organisations we work with

Like-minded organisations that are looking into the future.

Organisations we work with

Like minded organisations that are looking into the future.

Like minded organisations that are looking into the future.

Ready to scout talent with technology?

Find and develop the players of tomorrow

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